About Me

I love the color red, the shape of a star and graham crackers with milk. I am a mother, wife, friend, dreamer and photographer.

My three busy, rambunctious and sweet boys are my world. I spend my days giving hugs, reading stories, exploring new paths and winding my way through Star Wars chatter. By bedtime, I hope I’ve done enough and pray that tomorrow I can do better. I am a hopeless optimist, except when I’m not.

Before my boys came along, I was a photojournalist working in newspapers. As a journalist, I met amazing people from all walks of life. A kindergarten teacher, a chicken farmer, a soldier, a Greek Orthodox nun. Each person I photographed during those years shaped my vision of how everyday life is art.

I bring all of this to my work. I love photographing families, couples and babies, a little window into their world. Whether you are a brand new mom and dad with baby, college sweethearts ready for the next step or a couple celebrating decades together, I love capturing your life moments where they happen – in your home, the park, the beach or wherever you make a family.

The gems I uncover for my clients are treasured for a lifetime. I am fortunate to capture the way your little one loves to chew on her finger or how a whisper makes a sweetheart relax and curl into your chest. I watch you smile, laugh and hold each other and I see you are perfectly beautiful together.

Photography feeds my craving to constantly discover the new in the world. I feel so alive watching you live. It helps me put my own life in perspective. And capturing those moments is my art. Each print is a unique piece that serves as a window to your world, a moment in your life and a reminder of the optimism in your own heart.