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Fall came weeks ago when school started and all the busyness which it brings with it but fall weather came abruptly this week. I am working feverishly to get through mountains of photos of beautiful people with beautiful lives and amazing families. I am so happy to be busy now and I look forward to getting […]

September 27, 2011

Thank goodness for the change of seasons. I don’t need a lot of change in my life. I am pretty boring. Set in my ways. If I find something I like to eat at a restaurant, I don’t deviate from it. I like comfortable shoes. I may really like the idea of beautiful heels but […]

When I was a first-time mama the crusty umbilical cord stump gave me the willys. I didn’t want to look at it, touch it, be near it. I don’t think any new parent is quite ready for all of the new bodily functions and sights they will be privy to until they are in the […]

When the new year comes the comics always depict a babe of some kind. They are rosy and cherubic and make you giddy for what the future will hold. Babies, in their innocence and vulnerability, remind us to cherish everything we are given in life. Here’s to cherishing 2010!

Davis was a sweetie. If I didn’t already have a bouncing baby boy at home, I would have tried to borrow him. The sweetest chubby cheeks around. His parents were a pleasure to work with too.  Good wishes, good health and good luck to you as you celebrate Davis with your family next week. 

New life is and will always be a miracle to me. Taking photos of a newborn so soon after my own youngest son was born shows me just how fast babies change in their first year. My son was about Eleanor’s size when he was born and now he is a chubby, bubbly, smiley 3-month-old. […]

December 18, 2008

Jasper has the most wonderful baby wrinkles I have ever seen. He is already growing into them but I am so glad his mom and dad let me document them before they disappear. 

Welcome to my photography blog.  I will post sneak peeks and info here for those interested in what I have been taking photos of. My first post will be of our newest addition. His birth jump started my portrait work for other people. Cheers to baby G!

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