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July 22, 2009

What a privilege it was to spend a little time with these two young women. I am in shock that they have become young women. Andrea and Juliet, when did it happen? It just can’t be. I don’t feel a day older than I did when you were babies. Really. I was only a little younger than they are when they were born. 

I wish there would have been more time during our visit. I long to know more about your lives and your dreams. I feel like I got a glimpse. I wish there was a full day of getting to know each other again. 
 I have always felt a connection to them I can’t explain. It could be that they are the daughters of two wonderfully talented and kind people. It could be my longing to tell everyone’s story through photographs. It could be the amazing music they write and perform. I hope someday to have another opportunity to share some time with them. It is a gift to me to look upon them and gather, mold and capture a small piece of who they are right now.
Here’s to all your future holds Andrea and Juliet. May you be graced with beautiful venues, creative spirits and all the love a heart can hold. 

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    lovely photos!

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