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The Good Knights- Wilsonville, Oregon Family Photographer

September 14, 2009

Photography comes to me through my heart. When I am able to spend time with people and start to see into their hearts is when magic can happen. I love this first image of Evelyne.  It speaks to a part of me which longs to be carefree and childlike in my adult world. When I saw this image I saw myself as a child running through a field with a flower in my hand. I could feel and hear the wind. I remembered the sweet smell of summer grass in the air. That is what a photograph can do. It can pull you back to a treasured place in your heart and remind you about living. It is a gift Evelyne gave me that day.

Thank you Knight family for letting me spend time photographing you. A beautiful family inside and out. I am so glad I got some great mama moments. I am in awe at how gorgeous Dianne looks in the last photo and adore how Evelyne is loving on her. 

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  1. D. Knight says:

    LOVE THEM! can't wait to see them all! thanks so much for coming out and spending so much time with our family; you're amazing.

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