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Beltran Boys- Wilsonville, Oregon Family photographer

March 5, 2010

Raising boys keeps moms cooking, cleaning and running from son up to son down as they say. God made little boys so stinking cute so we would scoop them up and snuggle with them even after they just tore through a room with mud on their shoes (or if it is one of my boys from head to toe), jam on their fingers and a trail of toys at their feet. I gave a lot of extra hugs around my house today and it felt so good. I always feel blessed to have the messes, the bruises and the chaos of little boys. Ok, so maybe I don’t always feel blessed to have the messes. Today, I gave up on the dishes, the cleaning, the to-dos. There is always so much to do and I wish there was a way of finding balance for our world so I could play more basketball, cowboys and legos before these boys grow up.
As I go through the photos from the shoot I did with the Beltran family, I keep getting lost in these gorgeous chocolate eyes. The Beltran boys were sooo handsome and so loved by their parents. I am sure they were able to charm a few extra hugs out of their parents today too.

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  1. D. Knight says:

    love it! GREAT photos!

  2. Amy says:

    Cute family, and beautiful photos, Kim!

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