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May 25, 2010

Mothers love their babies with all they are.  I cherish every moment of motherhood even as I wish for more sleep, more time and less mess. The blurry days with each of my boys as newborns are starting to slip from my mind.Images of each of them are seared into my memory now but I wonder how vivid the memories will be as they grow. I long for images of myself with my boys. I document a lot of their lives but I am missing from nearly all of the photos. I wish I had the drive while sleep deprived to set the timer on the camera to capture me with them at different stages.

Andy let me capture her being a mother to Gia. I enjoyed photographing Gia and all of her sweet baby rolls but I was moved by the images I made of Gia and her mama. The photos I adore the most of Andy and Gia are quiet almost dreamlike images. Andy straightening her baby girl’s dress, mama smiling at her sweet girl or Gia using mama’s finger for a teether. They are moments any mother can relate to and to capture the beauty in these everyday acts is one of the things I love most about taking photographs.There is something about the sweet smell of a baby and the feel of their small body pressed against your chest but where would these sweet little beings be without their mamas.

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