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February 19, 2011

February conjures up feelings and images of sweetness. From the conversation hearts and chocolate treats to everything dripping in pink and red decor. It is a relief from the dark winter days and the cold nipping at us to be wrapped in the hubbub that comes with Valentine’s Day. Even if it is a little much at times.

I love that even though I have a house full of boys they will tolerate craft projects involving red and pink hearts and glitter for this holiday. I love that they wrinkle their noses when an ad on tv or in the newspaper shows people kissing. I love that I can let the rules about candy and sweet confections relax a little and watch their faces light up with sugar and giggles. I love that even though we are not quite to spring Valentine’s Day feels like a promise it isn’t that far away.

Just before Valentine’s Day I got a dose of sweetness from the Cuthbert family. Little Grady was quite the charmer and adorable. Quiet Brooklyn was cautiously cheerful during the entire shoot. Mom wanted to capture their family of four as they are waiting to welcome number 5 soon. What a lucky little gent the newest Cuthbert is to be welcomed into such a loving family.

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