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August 13, 2011


Ryan saw her across the room at high school party in her kitchen. He was drawn to her beautiful eyes. Watching her then he knew he wanted her beside him. Bethany soon learned how wonderful she felt when he made her laugh. They dated on and off until she realized that there was no one else in the world that compared to him.

Ryan, Bethany and her mother worked together to plan a beautiful wedding. Along the way Bethany entered and won many wedding contests. She entered her mother, Fay Blackburn, in a Mom of Honor contest. Bethany submitted an essay detailing what makes Fay so special as a mom. “When I was born, I was left on a door step in India. I was put on an adoption list and passed up 12 times. My mom was finally the person who said ‘yes.'” said Bethany. Fay walked Bethany down the isle in a designer gown honored her with for being the 2010 Mom of Honor. Bethany and Ryan won an all-inclusive trip to Cancun, Mexico for her winning entry too. Fay walking Bethany down the isle felt auspicious. Fay was the first person in Bethany’s life to say “yes”…. Fay gave Bethany’s hand to Ryan so he could continue to say “yes” to her for the rest of it.


Ryan and Bethany… may your walk through life be blessed with happiness and beautiful memories. Thank you for welcoming me in to document your beautiful wedding.

All my best-




Bethany, her mama and the bridesmaids started the day getting their hair and makeup done at Parkwest Studio in downtown Vancouver, Washington.

Completely jealous of those eyes, Bethany. Everyone can see what Ryan was talking about when he said he was drawn to your eyes.

Cute. Cute. Cute….. love the personalized hangers.



Once everyone was ready,  this stunning bride…….


went to meet this very handsome groom.


Look at him crushing on her. These two flashed super-charged smiles all. day. long.

These next photos….. show the absolutely perfect weather.




Mr and Mrs Isaacson!!



signed. sealed. delivered. I’m yours.




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