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October 22, 2011



It is that time of year again. The time where mothers start stressing out about getting a presentable photo of their clan so they  can send out holiday greetings. I am so glad to have helped lots of moms accomplish it this year. I am still hoping to eek out one of my own family but am convinced that in order to get a photo of all three of my boys looking into the lens it will have to be someone else’s. I took my little ones out last week and still have yet to look through the edit. I have been working to take care of all of you first.

Here are a few christmas card designs I offer. If you are interested in Christmas cards from a session we shot this year you could go to the proofing galleries above and enter the password ….cards and you will see most of the designs for cards I offer. Keep in mind we can customize the designs to your taste with color and text tweeks. Final orders for cards must be sent to me by November 16th. Holiday cards are one of my favorite products. I am a sucker for beautiful stationary.





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  1. Wow! I stumbled onto your designs and really like your work. The color treatments in both of these examples is really slick. And I LOVE that font you used for “love” in the top design. Great work on the photography side as well. Good luck getting those boys of yours to sit still 🙂

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