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October 5, 2012


Where does it come from? How do you find it? What do you do with it once it walks into your heart?

All of these things swirling in my head along with the start of the school year. Fall has renewal qualities to it like Spring for me and I feel inspired. I think Fall is my favorite season. Have been trying to pinpoint the why in a lot lately.

So…why is Fall my favorite? It feels full. Full of happiness. Full of Hope. Full of Family. Full of Beauty. I feel full from a summer of playing and having a more relaxing schedule. My cup is full and  now what will I do with it.

Sometimes inspiration simply comes from change of perspective. feel. routine. senses. relationships. Trying to think outside the box a little each day.

Here’s to shaking things up. A fun photo of how much just a simple change of color can make in these Tomato Soup cans released at Target. Loving the tag line… “The Art of Soup,” and searching for a simple and true tag line of my own.

What is old is new with a different perspective. Like a fresh outfit, a good hair cut or some sassy shoes.

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