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Miss Stella

September 28, 2011

Miss Stella turned two at the beginning of this month. No matter the kiddo, mine or anothers, I can’t seem to grasp how quickly a year passes. I have been trying to soak in a few “moments” a day with my boys in an effort to slow time and freeze memories of each day in my head. That is what photographs do. They are as close to magic as I will ever get. Freezing sacred truths of our everyday into a treasure again and again. I am so thankful for magic.



toes and pearls a great pairing.

Stella and her adorable family. Can’t wait to meet her new little brother Cruz soon!





Every little girl needs a photo of her hitching a ride on Daddy. Wish I had one like this…. I always preferred to walk and dance on his toes though.



It was a birthday shoot after all so Stella was rewarded with a cake pop. She was the cleanest toddler I have ever seen around cake but she enjoyed it just as much.

Love the look of wonder in her eyes…. or is that just the beginning of a sugar high. 🙂


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