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October 5, 2011

Jeff and Jen were friends for quite some time before they started dating. The only hitch in the equation of j+j was that Jen was leaving with her daughter for a 6 month trip abroad. Jeff always supported the decision but kept wondering how he could stay connected to Jen while she was away. He wished the timing were different because he didn’t want to grow apart from someone he cared for this much.

Jeff couldn’t wait 6 months to see Jen again. He flew across the ocean to see her and it was in that gesture that Jeff took a huge leap of faith in their future, together. Jen will be forever grateful that Jeff stood by her dream and never made her feel guilty for leaving on an adventure. Jeff is grateful Jen said yes to a future with him and that they started planning a wedding as soon as she returned from her marvelous trip.

Jeff has been a friend to my husband and me since college. His friendship goes beyond quick hitting chats over an occasional drink and looks more like slow afternoon playtime with the kids or hours of easy conversation and laughter once they are in bed. He has become family to us and that means our family grew when Jeff married Jen. A german philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said “The best friend is likely to acquire the best wife, because a good marriage is based on the talent for friendship.” I think this is an accurate hypothesis and I look forward to forging a relationship with Jen every bit as strong as ours is with Jeff.

The day started with a Oregon State game on tv for the boys. A fitting start to a wedding day for Jeff who has season tickets and whose bride-to-be honored his love of orange in their wedding colors. The mood was laid back and comfortable even though the Beavers were losing. The day was so much bigger than a win for our favorite football team.


Jen and daughter Mikayla started the day as girls do… at the beauty salon.



The happy and good looking couple.


Bride and groom were troopers through the family portraits but it was hot. Over 100 degrees hot. Jen stepped into the air conditioning for a minute before we continued the shoot. It didn’t matter where she was, she was gorgeous.

Knowing it would be over 100 degrees right before the wedding we took lots more photos of Jen and Jeff just after sunrise on the day before their wedding.

Loved the desert…. to visit at least.


A few at the house they will make a home together.

Jen is so gorgeous in this shot. I couldn’t help but name this photo moviestarpool.



Their custom wedding rings.

…. if the beautiful turquoise iron gate wasn’t enough there was this fabulous hand carved door inside I couldn’t resist.

Twinkle lights on the patio and plenty of happiness to go around.


Rich dark wood tables accented with paper table runners and vibrant pink flowers set the tone that a special family gathering was about to happen at Arcadia Room at LGO in Phoenix. A warmth enveloped the room from all the beautiful details Jen created.

Had to include this drink menu even though I am pretty sure you can’t read it. Beaveritas, Double J Lows, Spanish Proposal Sangria and Velvet Rose Martinis…. spot on drink tributes to the couple. Jen thought of everything.

What could be better than double happiness. Just what we wish for them, always.

Love you.





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  1. DawnD says:

    Wow! The day was perfect and you captured it beautifully. Your love for Jen and Jeff can be felt through your words and photos! 🙂

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