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Mother nature, for real. I know I have said it a million times to you during May. But you seem to have forgotten. Rain, Rain, go away. April showers… not May showers and thunderstorms and down pours and puddles. We have yet to break out the short-sleeved shirts because you seem to have forgotten what […]

May 26, 2010

Mothers love their babies with all they are.  I cherish every moment of motherhood even as I wish for more sleep, more time and less mess. The blurry days with each of my boys as newborns are starting to slip from my mind.Images of each of them are seared into my memory now but I […]

We had a few minutes of sun. Just enough to get a golden glow in a few shots. Just enough to trick us into thinking the day would warm up at any minute and allow us to keep searching for fun new backgrounds for pictures. It was a giant trick. Poor Breanna was such a […]

I know, I know I told you my favorite color is red. It is, but I love orange too. I went to Oregon State for a few years and I am still a huge beaver fan so there is a lot of orange gear at my house.  This spring and summer orange seems to be […]

So excited for the changes on the horizon. Changes are exciting and scary at times. As you can see a new blogsite and domain name but many other things in store and can’t wait.

Raising boys keeps moms cooking, cleaning and running from son up to son down as they say. God made little boys so stinking cute so we would scoop them up and snuggle with them even after they just tore through a room with mud on their shoes (or if it is one of my boys […]

March 5, 2010

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to honor marriage. A lot of people seem down on the day of love since the commercialization of the holiday. I would agree that there seems to be a little too much pink and red heart shaped this and buy your honey that to let them know you care. […]

I really love the sound of hi-top sneakers on wood floors. It is comforting to me to listen to the rhythm of the leathery ball bouncing. bounce, bounce, bounce, swish! bounce, bounce, squeak, bounce. Winter time and basketball have gone together since I was in grade school. I spent every birthday from junior high on […]

When the new year comes the comics always depict a babe of some kind. They are rosy and cherubic and make you giddy for what the future will hold. Babies, in their innocence and vulnerability, remind us to cherish everything we are given in life. Here’s to cherishing 2010!


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